Fees and ROI

Tarifas y ROI
Tarifas y ROI


Sevenminds Packages Standard Professional
Monthly Fee per User U$ 25 U$ 40
Features and Capacity
Max. Number of Users / Account Up to 8 Unlimited
Max. Number of Projects / Account Up to 3 Unlimited
Storage Capacity / User 100Mb 200Mb
Max. Number of Records / User 2500 5000
Online Data Capture Yes Yes
Online Reports Yes Yes
Offline Mobile Data Capture Yes Yes
GPS & Mapping Yes Yes
Additional Capacity (Shared for Account)
1GB Storage / Monthly Fee US$5 US$5
5000 Database Records Pack / Monthly Fee US$10 US$10

Prices do not include cost of mobile devices nor data access plans. These must be contracted directly by the customer with the mobile carrier of its choice.

Prices do not include any applicable tax

Return on Investment (ROI)

From the first day you start using our solution, you will perceivie the cost savings, benefits and advantages that come from improving your process.

Initially, Sevenminds will have an impact on the way your teams work, that will fastly reflect on positive results that provide a fast ROI, based on the following variables depending on the type of project or sector in which the solution is applied:

Cost elimination

On paperwork, printing, photocopies, calls, keying, storing and mailing.

Cost savings

On software development, licencing, hardware infrastructure and telecommunication services.

Time saving within your team

By process simplification, task reduction and reporting automation, sppeding up internal and external communication.

Increased Productivity

That adds value to your business, improving your competitivity in sales, customer service, processes, operations, etc., and hence assuring your business continuity.
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