Government, Infrastructure and Utilities

Gobierno, Infraestructura y Servicios Públicos

Technology and Engineering

Have daily control over the progress of your infrastructure and engineering projects. Automate the data capture process of works progress to produce real-time auditing reports. Sevenminds is a software solution for field team automation within Government contractors and utilities companies, that enables capture and reporting of information related to contract execution and activities such as site progress, equipment control, support tasks, installation and maintenance.

This mobile solution for field teams is optimized for usage through PDAs, laptops, tablets and other mobile devices, where the staff will find the activity plan and the corresponding registration forms each activity, getting rid of cumbersome paper forms.
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Tecnología e Ingeniería

Surveys and Contact Management

Consolidate in one system your polls, surveys, and market research studies within the public sector. With Sevenminds, you can centralize and standardize over a single solution the capture, consolidation and reporting process of information produced by these activities, enabling you to access real-time data on their progress and results.

Sevenminds is a software solution for mobile devices and tablets that enables field teams from utilities companies to capture on site information on customer perception aboutquality of service.
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Surveys and Contact Management

Branding and Events

Have real-time control over the execution of your program and policies’ communication events. With Sevenminds, you can ensure the effectiveness of your diffusion campaigns using a mobile solution that enables you to access online information on the result of each activity and the contacts done within attendees.

The software enables automation of data capture and reporting to follow up on critical variables such as presence at media outlets, attendance of community leaders, delivery of informational material, attendee registration and database updating, among others. Having real-time control of your events facilitates a fast and effective reaction to any issue.
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Branding and Events

Business Intelligence

Better and up to date information for enhanced decision-making within Government offices and contractors, and utilities companies.

Your company will be able to automate periodic reports that actually make your work team waste a lot of productive time in their elaboration. With Sevenminds business intelligence solution, your company can have online access to the daily key performance indicators and to all historic reporting.
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Inteligencia de negocios