Security and Data Protection

Seguridad y Protección de los Datos
La Solución

Security and protection of customer data is a priorityforSevenminds. To assure compliance to our customer´s security expectations, we have in place the following protocols and processes that grant high-level security to our customer´s information. La protección e integridad de los datos es de total prioridad en nuestra industria, para esto contamos con los siguientes protocolos y medidas que garantizan la seguridad de la información de nuestros clientes:

Rackspace Inc

our hosting provider is SAS 70 Type IIcertified, being this a guarantee of their compliance with the highest security levels within the market

SSL Security Certificates from VeriSign

Ensure that all data transferred between devices and our servers are sent in a secure manner via 128-bit encryption, and also grant validation of access to our trusted site via HTTPS

Backup copies

Of the information stored in our servers is carried ona daily differential and weekly consolidated basis

Redundant Storage

SAS 15.000 rpm on a RAID 1 arrangement


Cisco PIX 506E

UPS system

That ensures power availability at all times

Advance Antivirus and Malware Protection

Software provides security against attacks such as Cross-Site Scripting and SQL Injection, among others