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Características Sevenminds

Data Capture

Works On a Wide Range of Devices:

Seven Minds is designed to be compatible with multiple devices and operation systems such as: PC, Mac, Laptops, Android, iPhone, among others.

Customize your Forms:

For every project you can easily configure the forms to be used for data collection, and publish them on the system, so that your field team, regardless of their location, can access and use them online through their mobile devices.

Avoid Keying Errors:

Setup ranges and data formats for responses within the forms, avoiding keying errors such as extra characters or out of range values, as well as verify all mandatory fields have been filled at the momento of saving the information.

Image Sending:

The field team can include images directly from their work site while filling the form, or adding them later after the execution of the activities. This enables you to verify your teams work on a graphic qualitative manner, going beyond just reported quantities.

Report Panel

Advanced Reporting:

Sevenmindsenables you to generate and store multiple types of reports using all variables collected on the form. The solution allows you to filter, consolidate and focus on the data, enhancing the information analysis and decision taking processes.

User Friendly Reporting Module:

The reporting module is very easy to use, enabling very yfast production of reports thanks to its intuitive interface. You can also share your reports online with collaborators, customers and suppliers, providing different access levels to them viar user profiles and password protection.


Each user can customize its Dashboard with the most relevant reports, so as to have instant access to key indicators with just a click.

Data Export:

You can export all data stored on Sevenminds clouds to standard Excel files, so you can produce customized reports and present information under any desired format.

Field Team Management

Day to Day Monitoring:

You can have real-time control of the daily activities of your field teams and the execution of their activities, as well as followup on achievement of specific objectives for each team member.

Internal Messaging and Alert Sending:

You can send internal messages and alerts to each team member through Sevenminds messaging system, as well as copy and/or forward this message to personal or corporate email of the user, in case it is a high-priority alert.

Event Reporting:

Users can report to central location any type of issue or event that occurs in the field, including photo images and comments about the situation.

Access Control:

Sevenminds includes an access control module that enables you to monitor what users are connected and from which IP addresses, creating a log of dates and hours of work for each team member.

File Sharing:

Sevenminds allows file sharing within users in different formats (PDF, XLS, PPT, ZIP, DOC, and others), enabling all team members to access up to date information at any time, from any location, and through multiple devices.


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