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Sevenminds Authorized Partner Program

Our partner program offers mobile solutions distributors, IT and Business Software Resellers, and ICT solutions providers/consultants, a unique opportunity to add a highly profitable product to their portfolio. At Sevenminds we understand and solve the need of technology solutions companies to look beyond traditional product lines and offer innovative value-added solutions.

Sevenminds is a solution applicable to many industries and all company sizes, from small local shops to large multinationals that require service in multiple territories, having every organization with a data capture need or actual paper form usage as a potential customer.

Program Benefits

There are many reasons to become a Sevenminds Partner. Some of them are:

It can be added to your Portfolio with minimum investment:

The Software-as-a Service model enables our channels to resell Sevenminds to their customer with minimal staff requirements and operational expenses for implementation, development and support. Only one resource within the company that will receive in-depth certification training from us, will suffice to address the local requirements of the most complex project. Most of the other services can be covered directly by us.

New revenue line:

The partner will not only receive recurring income from the Sevenminds subscriptions he sells, but he can also develop value-added highly profitable services around the solution such as customization, training, support and/or outsourced system administration.

Captive Customers and Repeat Income:

Due to the “as a Service” nature of the solution, once a customer is supporting some business process by the use of Sevenminds and has evidenced its benefits, most of the time they will keep using onward hence will generate a lon-term recurring income for the partner.

Strong Commercial and Technical Support:

In Sevenminds, we treasure our partners. We provide them with an effective commercial support, including supplying them with leads that are produced from our global marketing activities. We offer a very attractive discount scheme, that enables them to achieve recurrent high profit margins. We support them with a Professional Services structure, that ensures their customers will receive the best technical support during implementation and usage. Moreover, we are an innovation-focused flexible company, with the ability to rapidly evaluate and develop partner suggestions for new features in our solution that may come directly from their customer´s feedback.

Qualification and Certificaction:

We select qualified partners that are truly interested in investing in the development of our business. We assign máximum 2 channels for a specific territory, so that our partners can assure they can maximize the return on their commercial actions without facing competition with the same solution.

A Sevenminds partner will already understand and support the concept of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and its competitive advantages against in-house development orcommercial license purchasing for implementation in owned serverspios, and/or it is involved in the sale and consultancy of high-impact business softwate solutions such as ERP, CRM Business Intelligence, Digital Marketing or Salesforce Automation. It understands that there is an ongoing revolution in the business environment coming from the opportunities that mobile solutions generate to optimize real-time information capture and data flow, and the fast ROI and cost reduction that they provide.

A big advantage that Sevenminds provides to our partners, is that, for every new customer they sign on, they will start receiving a recurrent income (as long as configuration and support are adequate), without the need to in curing complex upgrade, relicensing or maintenance selling processes, but through a simple service renewal, which will include without extra cost any new features or upgrades that have been developed for the solution. If you are interested in becoming a Sevenminds partner, please fill the following form, and we will contact you shorlty to validate and start the process.


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