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Sevenminds Authorized Partner Program

Our partner program offers mobile solutions distributors, IT and Business Software Resellers, and ICT solutions providers/consultants, a unique opportunity to add a highly profitable product to their portfolio. At Sevenminds we understand and solve the need of technology solutions companies to look beyond traditional product lines and offer innovative value-added solutions.

Sevenminds is a solution applicable to many industries and all company sizes, from small local shops to large multinationals that require service in multiple territories, having every organization with a data capture need or actual paper form usage as a potential customer.

Program Benefits

It can be added to your Portfolio with minimum investment

The Software-as-a Service model enables our channels to resell Sevenminds to their customer with minimal staff requirements and operational expenses for implementation, development and support. Only one resource within the company that will receive in-depth certification training from us, will suffice to address the local requirements of the most complex project. Most of the other services can be covered directly by us.


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