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Surveys and Contacts

Save on infrastructure, paper forms and training costs, while significantly reducing the waiting time for results

Encuestas y contactos

Real-Time Monitoring of surveys and contact management

Software for executing surveys and polls on a quantitative or qualitative manner through mobile devices, allowing to capture and receive real-time information on the perception or opinion of a specific target group about a product, subject, candidate, news article, etc.

This data capture tool not only optimizes survey execution, data organization and information analysis, but also saves on direct costs such as infrastructure, paper forms, and training, while significantly reducing the waiting time for results through automated online reports based on real-time consolidated information.

How does it work

Surveyors and pollsters are equipped with a mobile device software ( (for Laptops, Tablets, Smartphones, cell-phones, etc) that uses previously customized online forms, allowing them to carry out a fastin-situ survey, and send the data as real-time information to Sevenminds´servers.

Managers and supervisors can consult and coordinate the survey´s status and development, through online indicators and reports that follow the results of the project minute by minute.

The solution is optimized for PCs/Laptops as well as for any mobile device (Android, IPhone, IPad, Blackberry or Windows Mobile)

Why use Sevenminds

  • App for pollsters
  • Population Census
  • Opinion polls
  • Generation of tabulated results on real time
  • Construction of potential customer databases
  • Measure trends and buying behaviors
  • Household Surveys
  • Corporate and organizational climate surveys
  • Telephone surveys
  • Call center scripts

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know Sevenminds

Managers and supervisors can consult and coordinate the survey´s status and development, through online indicators and reports that follow the results of the project minute by minute.

See the application of this data capture solution for different Industries:

Marketing, Advertising

Easily capture information from potential customers.

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Mass Market

Real-time knowledge of your consumer´s behavior.



Keep an up to date database of your medical market and OTC channel.


Consumer Electronics

Measure the impact of brand activations from your customer´s perspective.


Technology, Engineering and Telecommunications

Enhance your field team reporting, and measure your service levels through user polls.


Finance & Insurance

Automate the data registration process of new customers.


Retail Shops, Food Chains and Office Branches

Online management of your customer´s suggestions and complaints.


Government, Infrastructure and Utilities

Consolidate under one system all your mass surveys and polls.


Contact Center & Market Research

Over-the-Web result sharing with your customers of your real-time survey´s results.


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