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Success Story


The Scenario

Pepsi Cola Colombia Ltda., as part of its trade marketing strategy for its Gatorade brand, annually sponsored more than 1,200 sporting events throughout the Colombian territory. To execute this task, Gatorade had a national team of zone supervisors responsible for contacting the organizers of the events, negotiating the sponsorship of the brand, and managing the logistics of the Gatorade products and the assembly of their merchandising material in each of the events. 

Before the start of the project, the supervisors sent information about the development of the events in a disorganized and incomplete way from the different cities of Colombia using files in other formats, the central coordinator had to consolidate this information to get an idea of what was happening with the events and the work of the team of coordinators. 

The Marketing department promoted a project to evaluate and monitor the investment, execution, and result of the events sponsored by the Gatorade brand in an agile and efficient way. 

Caso de éxito Pepsico - Sevenminds

"Now we are efficient and have control overrun investment in sports events"

Maria Lucia Rodríguez
Marketing Director


The Solution

Sevenminds is selected as the web software solution for the capture of field data that allows the team of supervisors to enter data and photos of the results of the events from anywhere in Colombia; and the central team of the Marketing department in Bogotá and Caracas, consult the management indicators generated by the system daily.  


Sevenminds is today a unified work software solution that allows the Marketing department to know week by week the result of Gatorade events throughout the country. 

  • Decision-making by the central marketing team was streamlined by receiving consolidated information in their management indicators updated in real-time. 
  • The impact of the Gatorade brand increased by making strategic decisions based on the analysis of the data thrown by the system of the profile of the participants and athletes who attended the events 
  • The correct location of the merchandising material used (stands, fences, refrigerators, etc.) was guaranteed by monitoring the photographic record of the events. 


Return On Investment (ROI)

Effective savings of up to 25% in losses, poor product distribution, and prizes awarded at events.  By controlling the inventories and the participants in each activity, it was possible to make the investment more efficient and in general the promotional strategy of the brand. 

(1200 events x U$ 75 x event = U$ 90,000) 

  • 18% increase in marketing team productivity.  Headquarters staff and coordinators today spend more time on activities that truly add value to the Gatorade brand, eliminating unnecessary tasks and Excel and PowerPoint reports that were previously required to monitor project execution. 

(11 people x US 3,150 x year/person = U$ 34,650) 

  • Annual investment: U$ 24,000 
  • Total savings: U$ 124,650 
  • ROI: U$ 100,650 
  • Recovery time: 3 months. 

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