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We have different support services and levels that can be established with our customers. Some of the most common services we provide are:


Sevenminds offers a “Train The Trainer” approach, where we provide in-depth training to the system administrator, to enable him to provide further training to all users of the system. Upon a customer’s request, additional training can be provided to additional users at a cost.

Phone Support:

Phone Help-Desk and technical support Monday-Friday on work hours is available to system administrators. Upon customer requests, this service can be accessed by additional users at a cost.

On-line Support:

Online Help-desk and technical support via Skype or remote desktop can be accessed by system administrators Mon-Fri on work hours.Upon customer requests, this service can be used by additional users at a cost

Dedicated Support:

Turn-key system administration paid service provided by one of our certified consultants, which will carry out all configuration, technical support, training, user management and reporting as an outsourced service for our customer.


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